Canon EOS 7D Campaign
Will Stauffer-Norris // Cinematographer // Reel 2013

Featured Projects:
Remains of a River (source to sea on the Green and Colorado Rivers)
Powell to Powell: Portraits of the Upper Colorado
The Bering Strait
Last Descents Grand Canyon Expedition
The Fish Ladder: Sea to Source on the Columbia River
Seven Weeks of Solitude (the central Idaho wilderness)
Rinjani (Lombok, Indonesia)

Fighting Goliath
Kids on the Salween

In the spring of 2014, the first young Chinese kayakers paddled the Salween River in Yunnan Province, China. This was also the first river that the kids have paddled on- before this, their only kayaking experience was a swimming pool in Beijing.

This trip down the Salween was made possible by Last Descents River Expeditions:

Entrepreneurs on the Salween

In spring 2014, one of the first Chinese groups rafted the Salween River. Located in a remote part of Yunnan Province, the Salween is one of the last free-flowing rivers in China. Over the course of four days, everyone slipped into river time as they floated down the beautiful canyon.

This trip down the Salween was made possible by Last Descents River Expeditions:

Felidae Conservation Fund

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The Grand Canyon, China Style

In August 2013, I was invited to float the Grand Canyon of the Colorado with a group from China. It was an amazing cultural exchange in an unlikely setting. I never thought I would be learning Chinese in the heart of the Colorado Plateau, but that's exactly what unfolded over the two week journey.

Thanks to all the AZRA guides for perfect execution, Last Descents for bringing everyone together, and everyone on the trip for having a generally great attitude and openness to new ideas.

For more information about rafting in China, check out Last Descents here:

Canon EOS 7D Campaign
Canon EOS 7D Campaign

I put together a short video for a Canon campaign. Canon is highlighting the capabilities of the EOS 7D, so they featured clips I've shot with the 7D.

Mirror River // source to sea in 3 minutes

Have you ever seen an entire river? This is a 113 day journey down the Green and Colorado Rivers, from source to sea. We started in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming in October 2011, and finished at the Sea of Cortez, Mexico in January 2012. The river begins as a trickle, carves ever deeper and more spectacular canyons, and is reduced to a trickle again by water diversions. For more information, please visit

Taylor- Seven Weeks of Solitude

In January and February 2013, I lived as a temporary caretaker at the Taylor Wilderness Research Station. Taylor is 35 miles from the nearest seasonal gravel road, so the only way to access it is by hiking for several days or bush plane. It was my third visit to Taylor, but my first winter experience in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The only other humans I saw were flying the (sometimes) weekly mail/grocery plane. From the front door of the cabin I could hear wolves howl, watch the ice on Big Creek, and walk in any direction into the 2nd largest wilderness in the Lower 48.

Episode 1: The Fish Ladder

Why are there no salmon in the Upper Columbia River? What can we do about that? What are the options?

In this first episode, we explore the ongoing discussion of salmon passage at the Grand Coulee and Chief Joseph Dams. We hear from tribal members, fishery biologists, and the crew of Voyages of Rediscovery as they prepare for their journey up the Columbia River, honoring the historic and once prolific salmon runs up the Columbia River.

The mission is to paddle up the Columbia River from sea to source in five salmon inspired dugout canoes carved by thousands of students who had salmon removed from their cultures by the creation of the Grand Coulee Dam.